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"Catholic Church has much to learn from Ordinariate" - Musician
Wednesday 14th May 2014

The distinguished Catholic musician, Colin Mawby, has said that if the Catholic Church could learn from the Ordinariate to respect its music and musicians in the way that Anglicans do, "the effect on Catholic music would be extraordinary". When Catholics show the same respect for their music as the Anglicans have for theirs, he says, "a great step forward will have been taken, which could lead to the re-introduction of much that has been lost [from Catholic liturgical music]".

Mawby - who is well known as a composer, organist and choral conductor - makes his remarks in an article in the Eastertide issue of the Friends of the Ordinariate's Newsletter, in which he also discusses language and liturgy as areas in which the Anglican and Catholic traditions could learn from each other through the Ordinariate.

Mawby describes the Anglican communion's choral tradition as "unique" and says that, though the Catholic Church cannot recreate it, it can learn much from the members of the Ordinariate who were educated in it. At the same time, he writes, the unique feature of Catholic liturgical music, traditionally, has been its deep sense if spirituality. "Just as we can learn from the Anglican tradition, Anglicans can learn a great deal from the mastery to be found in Catholic liturgical music".

Mawby goes on in the article to suggest that that, one day, scholars of the Ordinariate should get together with those of the wider Catholic Church to make a translation of the Mass "in the tradition of great Anglican prose". He also argues that there is much that diocesan Catholics could learn from "the reverence and simplicity of ritual" which, he says, is so striking a feature of the celebration of Evensong.

To read this and other articles in the Friends of the Ordinariate's Easter Newsletter -  including one by the Catholic priest blogger, Fr Tim Finigan, about the Ordinariate - click here.

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