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Personal Ordinariate of Our Lady of Walsingham
under the patronage of Blessed John Henry Newman

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Friends of the Ordinariate Press Launch
Thursday 14th July 2011

Today (14 July) a new charity was launched: 'Friends of the Ordinariate of Our Lady of Walsingham'. The 'Friends' is a company limited by guarantee (company number: 7680821) which was formed on 23rd June 2011. The 'Friends' was given charitable status by the Charity Commissioners on 1st July 2911 (Charity Number 1142667).

The aim of the 'Friends' is to assist financially all aspects of the work of the Personal Ordinariate of Our Lady of Walsingham. Donations made to the 'Friends' will, in particular, be used to support the 60 or so clergy who have left the Church of England to become priests of the Ordinariate. There are also considerable costs involved in the maintenance of buildings and in the administration of the Ordinariate. The Ordinary, the Rt. Revd. Monsignor Keith Newton, estimates that annual running costs of the Ordinariate will be at least one million pounds and, as the number of both clergy and laity increase, this will grow.

The 'Friends' is asking all Catholics – whether they are cradle Catholics or converts – to support the Ordinary in realising the historic and momentous task that has been given personally by the Holy Father, Pope Benedict XVI, to Monsignor Keith Newton. To share this burden with him the 'Friends' is asking all supporters to set up a standing order at their bank to give the Ordinariate a regular, dependable, income.

A number of distinguished figures have consented to become Honorary Vice-Presidents of the Friends. These are Dom Aidan Bellenger OSB, Dom David Charlesworth OSB, Lord Deben, Grand Master of the Order of Malta Fra' Matthew Festing, Sir Adrian FitzGerald bt, Sir Josslyn Gore -Booth bt, Father Ignatius Harrison Cong.Orat.,The Squire de Lisle, Charles Moore Esq, The Duke of Norfolk, The Countess of Oxford and Asquith, The Duchess of Somerset, Lord Nicholas Windsor. Msgr. Keith Newton is the Honorary President of the Friends. The trustees are Msgr. John Broadhurst, Msgr. Andrew Burnham, Mr Michael Hodges, Mr Peter Sefton-Williams and Fr Mark Vickers.

Msgr. Keith Newton said at the launch: "I have the responsibility for providing for the financial needs of the clergy and for their families being received into the Catholic Church. I appeal, therefore, to as many of you as possible for financial assistance to help me fulfil that responsibility through joining the Friends of the Ordinariate of Our Lady of Walsingham. Please be as generous as you can."

William Joseph, Cardinal Levada, Prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, has also sent this message for the launch of the Friends of the Ordinariate: "I urge you all to assist the new Ordinary in the unique mission that has been entrusted to him by the Holy Father not only with your prayers but also with every practical support".


On 4 November 2009 Pope Benedict issued an Apostolic Constitution "Anglicanorum Coetibus." This provided for "Personal Ordinariates" to be erected for Anglicans wishing to enter into full communion with the Catholic Church in a corporate manner while retaining aspects of their Anglican heritage consistent with the faith and practice of the Catholic Church. In terms of canon law, the Ordinariate is comparable to a diocese and its head, the Ordinary, comparable to a diocesan bishop.

The same day the Prefect of the Congregation of the Doctrine of the Faith, Cardinal Levada, issued certain Complementary Norms approved by His Holiness. These state: "The Ordinary must ensure adequate remuneration be provided to the clergy incardinated in the Ordinariate, and must provide for their needs in the event of sickness, disability and old age."

On 15 January 2011 Cardinal Levada issued a decree erecting the Personal Ordinariate of Our Lady of Walsingham in England and Wales, placing it under the patronage of the Blessed John Henry Newman. On the same day Monsignor Keith Newton was ordained a Catholic priest in Westminster Cathedral, and appointed the first Ordinary.

Since that date some 60 priests, a number of religious and some 1000 laity have applied to enter the Catholic Church through the Ordinariate in the first wave. All of them were received into the full communion of the Catholic Church in Holy Week and many of the former Anglican clergy have already been ordained to the priesthood. It is confidently expected that further priests and laity will apply to join the Ordinariate over the course of time.
There are some 40 Ordinariate groups across the country. Now they have their own priests, they seek to live a full sacramental life of prayer and charity. They will continue their ongoing formation in the Christian life. These Ordinariate groups will not be closed and inward looking. They are already collaborating with local diocesan parishes to their mutual enrichment. They will seek to bring to Christ and His Church those in our country who do not yet believe or practise the faith.

The money raised will go toward the following:

1. Principally, the accommodation, salaries and living costs of clergy and religious and their dependents. Individual needs vary considerably. Some priests are active, others retired. Some are single, some are married with children. Some priests and religious are already finding paid work within their local diocese or with Catholic charities, others rely entirely on the Ordinariate.

2. The every day costs of running any parish community. This could include the expenses of liturgy and music, utility bills, insurance, etc. Eventually, it is hoped that each Ordinariate group itself would meet these ongoing expenses, but initially some might require external support.

3. Some Ordinariate groups are worshipping in their local parish, others have been given churches by the local diocese or may acquire them in the future. If so, there will be the significant costs associated with maintaining and repairing church buildings.

4. Some of the Ordinariate clergy or prospective clergy are still in the process of formation. It is anticipated that others will offer themselves for ordination in the future. Seminary training is thorough and, therefore, expensive.

5. The Ordinariate is committed to bringing the Gospel of Christ to those in this country who have yet to hear it and, therefore, applying part of its resources to the work of evangelisation.

6. Inevitably, there are costs of administration: the Ordinary and his office, the costs of running any charitable organisation. These will be kept to a minimum.

For further information please contact:

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